The Creative Team

Aida Redza


Aida is an international choreographer on the move. She is actively promoting alternative approaches that invites Interdisciplinary mediums of performance to intervene with choreography to create New Dance Installations. She is better known for her solo work.

Her latest performances include Asia Europe Meeting Festival (2002)

Images of Asia Festival (2003) in Copenhagen,

Asia Europe Young Choreographer's Festival (2004) in Berlin,

Les Urbanisme Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland (2005),

Test Portal Festival in Amsterdam (2005),

Colours of Dance Festival in Amsterdam (2005),

Dance Unlimited Festival (2006) in Rotterdam and Amsterdam,

Vision2020 Denmark Festival (2007).

Tan Sooi Beng

Composer/ Musician

Tan is a Professor of Ethnomusicology at Universiti Sains Malaysia. An accomplished musician on traditional instruments, her music is unique for the way in which traditional rhythms and sounds are reconstructed and transformed into contemporary compositions with topical themes.

Tan has attempted to bring a new Malaysian identity to gamelan music through compositions such as Perubahan (CD Rhythm in Bronze, Five Arts Centre, 2002) and Saling BerpelukanRhythm in Bronze at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, 2004).

Janet Pillai

Theater Director/ Actor Trainer

A pioneer in the field of children’s theatre, Janet lectures in the Performing Arts Department at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Janet has been doing children's theatre since 1979 and has developed a unique integrated arts training program where children learn various creative forms both traditional and contemporary. Her renowned mix media productions include Ne Zha ( 1999 ), Rama and Sita ( 1997 ) and Suara Rimba (1994). Janet is the recipient of the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for ‘Cross Cultural Champion of the Arts 2004’ & the ‘DiGi Amazing Malaysian Award 2006’.

Ho Sheau Fung

Actress/ Young Theater Director/ Multimedia

Versatile actress and theatre director, favors in ' Penang Flavor' and issue oriented performances. One of the youth directors directed for an International Exchange project- Contacting the World 2004. She is also renowned for her mixed media composition in the Mandarin theater scene.


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